Healer Directory

Meghan Kaul
Associate Pranic Healer, Intro Leader
Meghan found Pranic Healing in 2008 through the book Your Hands Can Heal You. She conducts sessions evenings and weekends and is the mother two kids, ages 3 and 8. For more information on Pranic Healing, her blog, and private session info, visit www.bodyspirithealth.com.
Eduardo Sztokbant
Associate Pranic Healer, Intro Leader
As a skeptical software engineer by trade, Eduardo discovered Pranic Healing by chance 9+ years ago. These teachings have improved his life at so many levels that he made it his mission to use and spread them in order to help other people transform their lives as well!
Private practice offering distant Pranic Healing sessions to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Louis Mason
Intro Leader
Mr. Mason has been studying Pranic Healing for the last 13 years and practicing Arhatic Yoga, the Teachings of Grand Master Choa KoK Sui. He is a member of Seattle Unity Church and a Unity Prayer Chaplain. Also, he has taught Sunday schools for the Unity Churches in the Washington State and San Diego, CA for the last four decades. As a graduate of the Jose Silva Mind Control Method since 1975 and The UltraMind ESP System in 2004, he has performed Psychic Readings privately and in public fairs. His mental discipline comes from being a martial artist since 1972 and a Black Belt national competitor. He has taught at karate schools in Washington State for more than a decade. Being retired from the aerospace industry, his primary goal now is to be of service as a Pranic Healer.
Akiyo Hernandez
Akiyo was introduced to Pranic Healing in 2011 and learned under Master Stephen Co. Akiyo regularly hosts Meditation on Twin Hearts to the Japanese community, where Pranic Healing is also offered. She is a regular volunteer at the Pranic Healing Clinics in Bellevue, WA. Her love for the healing arts is incorporated in her trade as a crystal jewelry designer and spiritual angelic reader.
Chris Gamboa
Chris initially met Pranic Healing in Manila, Philippines in the 90’s when a clairvoyant nun did Pranic Healing on her Mom’s group of friends. Fast forward 10+ years, Chris once again found Pranic Healing in Seattle and embarked on her Pranic Healing training in 2009. Pranic Healing has transformed Chris' life on all levels and she has since been doing healings on her family/friends/pets, as well as volunteering in Pranic Healing Clinics both in Seattle and Manila.
Chris is an Employer Group Insurance professional by trade and a Pranic Healer by vocation.
Valentin Razmov
Through his experience as a yoga teacher, meditator, author, and healing practitioner over the past several years, Valentin has acquired deep knowledge in the integrated healing arts and the psychology of healing and thriving. As a professional teacher and coach, he is skilled at listening to a client's needs on many levels. Since 2017 Valentin has been actively helping out in Pranic Healing clinics in the Seattle area. His goal in the healing process is to focus on long-term improvements to a client's health and well-being, including through regular healing sessions. Valentin has had success in distant healing of both physical and psychological issues.